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Charlie Adams, 35 Years of Igniting Evenings and Audiences


Life Lessons from Mystical Lake Placid and the Miracle on Ice

Lake Placid Entrance

It is like going to Oz or an enchanting destination in a fairy tale. Down this road is a place were incredible things have happened.

Charlie Adams is dedicated to igniting events and inspiring people with his compelling back story of the only place in America to host two Winter Olympics and the remarkable Miracle on Ice of 1980.

" The energy, patriotism and inspiration in the room with Charlie was palpable.
   What a powerful story! "

Stephanie Patka

Exec. Dir. Big Brothers Big Sisters

With less than 3000 people in the Switzerland-like enchanting village of Lake Placid in upstate New York, they have put someone in every Winter Olympics since 1924. Why? Because there is a spirit there and a belief that with hard work and belief, you can achieve your dreams!

" I literally had to choke back tears about 5 times listening to Charlie, and I now feel 

   as if I can do ANYTHING!! "

Christopher Pataro

Partner at Faegre Baker Daniels Law Firm

When you think of Lake Placid, front and center of course is the Miracle of Ice of 1980, named the greatest moment in U.S. sports history. On February 22nd of 1980 with America at an all-time low point of self esteem, Herb Brooks fresh faced young men slew Goliath, the Soviet hockey team. They got America back on track.

" What Charlie has put together is one of the best talks I have ever attended, and that goes back through 47 years of working for the Naval Academy and Notre Dame. "

Bobby Bayliss

College Tennis Hall of Fame

Within their story are powerful lessons of what we can accomplish through commitment to team, love for one another, work ethic, patriotism, and leadership.

" Charlie Adams does an amazing job of sharing what we can take into our own lives from this 

   group that made America feel good about itself again. THIS IS A MUST HEAR! "

Scott LaPlace

Staff, Lakeland High School

Charlie Adams was an award winning sports broadcast journalist for 25 years, covering The Masters, NFL, Major League Baseball, the NBA and college sports. In all his travels he says no place comes close to Lake Placid as far as inspiration.

Lake Placid is America's first winter resort. Created by the man who brought us the Dewey Decimal System, Melvil Dewey originally made Lake Placid as a place for north easterners to vacate stifling summer heat, thus leading to the word vacation. As you hear their story, you will find yourself amazed at their accomplishments, like bringing in the 3rd ever Winter Games!

For the 1980 Games, Lake Placid's Olympic Organizing Committee President was Rev. Bernie Fell, preacher at the local United Methodist Church, who had once been a town policeman shot in the line of duty.

In this sometimes emotional, humorous and rip roaring program, your heart will be tugged when learning of stories such as:

  • The story of Billy Fiske, the first American to die in WWII. At age 16, he won gold in the 1932 Games in Lake Placid. He lived a life like he fell from the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, marrying a former Countess, and taking his gift of speed to the Royal Air Force before America got in WWII, and making the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Kate Smith always said Lake Placid was her favorite place in the world, and where she would spend 40 summers. This woman, with composer Irving Berlin, gave us God Bless America, and song with a power within it unlike no other.

  • Scott Hamilton, At 5 feet and 100 pounds the figure skater was asked to lead the 1980 US Olympic team out in the Opening Ceremonies. Find out why his inspiring back story led to this honor.

  • For the 1980 Games, Lake Placid High School was made the world's media center for journalists. As many of them like to hit the sauce, Lake Placid High remains the only school in America to ever have been awarded a liquor license!

  • For the 1980 Games, Lake Placid was able to get Government funding to build the Olympic Village, with the promise that it would then turn into a prison. It did, later becoming home to John Gotti!
This experience is far beyond a motivational or inspirational talk. It will touch your heart. You will laugh during this presentation. You will choke back tears. You will be reminded of what made our nation great and how we can get back there again.

" Afterhearing this message, our church members pledge twice as many tithes as the 

   previous year. "

Sandy Cripe

Ligonier United Methodist Church

"Tucked Inside this amazing story are so many life lessons and Charlie you deliver them in a 

   way that will capture the hearts of all who hear. "

Kelly Hall Wiening

Pre-Paid Legal Services

" Your program on the backstory of Lake Placid and lessons from the Miracle on Ice was 

   awesome! It was everything we wanted and more for our 2015 annual conference. "

Laurie Sherck

Shipshewana Retail Merchants

" Everyone was at the edge of their seats as he went through his presentation at our annual 

   men's retreat. "

Pastor Bob Vale

Osceola UMC

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