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Meridian Title Corporation recently had me end their 2nd annual Sales Rally with the Stoke the Fire Within keynote. Before sending everyone off more determined to reach their new goals, I had the opportunity to sit in on their day of activities. It was there that I learned of an impressive story of perseverance and service to the customer!


Brenda Flatter, REO/Relo Account Manager, was honored for the highest increase in revenue for the year. Here is an example why: 
Brenda had been calling on a law firm. They had the gatekeeper of gatekeepers. Brenda continued to call, send postcards, flowers. She was not able to get a meeting with a decision maker. The gatekeeper eventually left the firm(presumably to guard the universe...). Because she had not quit, Brenda ended up talking to a person that would finally grant her an opportunity to explain what services she could offer. She would be given 20 minutes.


Brenda drove 2 hours from Indianapolis for the 20 minute meeting at the Foreclosure Law Firm. A stern look greeted her at the start of the meeting. It soon warmed up as her professionalism shown through. The 20 minutes turned into an hour and a half.


As they broke for lunch she said, "I'm not leaving here without an order!" He chuckled. Brenda said, "I've been calling on you all for 2 1/2 years." He was surprised. He hadn't received any messages.


Then, Brenda said something that I think is classic: 


"If I was this persistent to get your business, imagine how hard I will work to keep it!" 


Their 20 minute meeting ended up going over 3 hours. She left with 3 orders. She continues to provide them with service. 


Brenda has never lost a customer. Well, once she did. She works in the Title Rep business. Her customer married a Title rep! However, he got divorced and brought his business back to her.


I asked Brenda about some of her philosophies that lead to such customer loyalty.


"I never over promise and I never under deliver," she said with conviction. "I follow through. If I say I am going to call tomorrow then I call tomorrow. If a mistake is made anywhere, I OWN the mistake. I don't make excuses."


Brenda has a fire within her to always be dedicated and to fight for her clients. She does it day in and day out! I have always said that C plus D leads to E. Commitment plus Determination leads to Excellence.


Brenda Flatter is an excellent example of that equation!



- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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