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Archive for August, 2009

Staying Hot

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

“I heard a quote today that hit home for me: “You have to stoke the fire if you expect it to stay hot”. Throughout life we set goals for ourselves; whether it is in fitness, parenthood, getting college athletics scholarships, spirituality, financial, professional or relational, we have a mental image of what we want all of these areas to look like or feel. I know that once you attain that goal, or even get close to it, it feels GREAT! What I have also learned is that that is when we need to keep pressing on. It’s wonderful to make gains in our fitness lives or to get to a good place with our husbands or partners but that doesn’t mean we stop and say “I’m done”. In order for the fires, the good stuff in our lives, to stay hot and alive in us, there is work to be done. I encourage you all to “stoke the fires” in your lives. Give those areas in your lives which matter to you attention and intent, I bet our lives will be richer for it!”
by Farel Hruska


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