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Archive for December, 2011

The ‘Every Day is Friday’ Approach

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

I spoke in San Antonio recently. Upon returning, I was looking in the Airport Gift Shop there for an uplifting book to read on the way home to South Bend.
Dr. Anne Flowers was a close friend of my mother when I was growing up. Anne was a mentor to me in many ways and we always stayed in touch. In her final years, she battled cancer with a sincere, upbeat attitude. One time I was speaking in Montgomery, Alabama at the Students against Destructive Decisions annual Conference. Anne lived in Dothan, Alabama, so I rented a car and drove down to visit with her while there. When we spoke, she said, “Charlie, you need to watch that Joel Osteen on TV. You should get his enewsletters and read his books!” Oh, how she was inspired by Osteen.
His newest book, “Every Day a Friday” (Faith Words) just about jumped up at me on the shelf there in the Airport. I got it and read a good bit of it on the way home.
The opening story is about a 92 year old man about to get a tour of his room in a senior’s home. The young aide is describing the room and how the furniture is arranged. The man stops her and says, ‘You don’t have to show it to me. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how the furniture is arranged. It depends on how my mind is arranged. Happiness is something you decide ahead of time.”

One of my speaking topics to companies and all kinds of organizations is “How to Build a Positive Attitude and KEEP the Darn Thing.” The man in the opening story shares a powerful point in how to build a positive attitude. Right off the bat, Osteen says, ‘You have to set the tone at the start of each day.” I agree. I believe it is so important to have quiet time at the start of the day. It is a critical window to set a foundation.

He shares how his father would have a cup of coffee with his quiet time in the morning, and after the first sip, he would let out a long,”Ahhhhh.” That’s something to try each day, a long “Ahhhhhhh” after your first sip. As you do it, think about what a gift that day is to you.

Osteen goes on to reference the restaurant ‘Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF)” and challenges us to take that approach every day. TGIM. Thank God it’s Monday! TGIT, and on and on.

I have never understood why people let the weather impact their day, or harp on it so much. Who cares if it is gray or drizzly outside. It still will be a great day. I have hosted several group trips to the amazing state of Alaska, and on some trips we have a clear view of the majestic Mt. McKinley. On others, you can barely see it. Still, each day is a great day regardless of the view.

Osteen brings up the ‘got to/get’ to approach to life. So many people say, ‘I have got to clean the house. It is so much work.” Osteen challenges us to approach it as, “I get to clean this house. I’m strong. I’m healthy. On top of that, I have a house. I’m not living under a bridge somewhere.”

Osteen writes a good bit about the power of the smile. He cites Studies that prove a smile on your face is good for you AND everyone around you. Scientists say that humans are programmed to mirror the facial expressions of others they encounter, so your smile is contagious. A study at Yale revealed the most powerful influece on others was not personality or appearance, but the smile.

One of the things I talk about in “How to Build a Positive Attitude and KEEP the Darn Thing’ is the power we have to create a positive attitude in the group we are around. The smile is one effective way. Another way is how we greet people. Osteen touches on this, and I agree. So many of us, when asked ‘How are you doing,?’ respond by saying, “Aw, pretty good. You?” When I speak to groups, I challenge them to respond to ‘How are you?” with responses such as:

“Better than good!”
“If I was better, I’d be twins!”
“My future is so bright, I have to wear sunglasses!”
“Not as good as some, but better than most!”

If it is Monday and you are asked how you are doing, say ‘Marvelous.” Tuesday, “Terrific!” Wednesday, “Wonderful!” Thursday, “Tremendous!” Friday, “Fantastic!” Saturday, “Superb!” Sunday, “Sensational!”

My friend Dave Krider of Laporte, who has headed up the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at LaPorte High for decades, always responds ‘blessed’ when asked how he is doing. He means it.

Most folks that go on the inspirational Group Travel trips that I host have really good attitudes. Every once in awhile there will be a sour one. A few years ago a lady traveled with her husband. He grumbled the whole time about how he should be home checking his pipes at their house (it was winter). We were in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and yet his attitude was set on cranky. He looked like he was sucking on lemons the whole time. His wife was so upbeat, and we felt for her.

Lo and behold, about a year later she came on one of my other trips. She left her husband home! She traveled with a sister that time and the next time with a good friend! She left her husband home to check the pipes!

Osteen’s book is a good read. The man known as ‘the smiling preacher’ has a genuine way of sharing his positive outlook on everything. Like Brett Eastburn’s book “I’m Not Missing Anything” (Corby Publishing) that I read  recently, it is a good book to help you stay on fire! As I emhasize in my speaking presentations, staying on fire takes work. You have to keep the stoker in action. Reading quality books is one important way to stay ignited!

Charlie Adams


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