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Archive for February, 2013

The 4 Needs we have to be Content

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

When I deliver How to Build a Positive Attitude and KEEP the Darn Thing!! one of the key elements is ‘The 4 Needs.’

If you really think about these 4, and if you have them, then you are poised to be positive and joy filled.

Click here to learn of the 4 Needs we have to be content in life

My attitude presentation can be delivered in keynote form or 2 hour or half day forms.

Among the things I cover include:

  • The 4 Needs we have in life to be content
  • How to put an initial positive spin on everything
  • Insights from the most positive people Charlie has interviewed
  • A step-by-step routine to be more positive every day!
  • How to improve your work/life balance to be more positive
  • Practical time management tips
  • How Charlie got into the best shape of his life in his 50’s and how exercise and nutrition can make you more positive
  • 5 ways to make your thoughts more positive
  • The power of encouragement
  • Taking you behind the scenes of a company that stays positive all the time and how they do it!
  • How to be more positive at work
  • The solution centered approach and how to bring it to your organization
  • The power of the attitude of gratitude
  • Examples of the most positive people anywhere

Charlie Adams

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Motivation to Keep you Positive and on Fire
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How one Company stays positive and excels in customer service
By Charlie Adams

I am going to share an example of how one business has created a positive attitude in their workplace and a spirit of service to the customer. I had been hearing about McCormick Electrical in North Liberty, Indiana for years so I asked them if I could produce a short documentary on them to play at my attitude seminars. Tom McCormick is the President and welcomed me to spend a day with them.

It was a Monday morning. I arrived for their early morning meeting. Outside the conference room door was a sign that read “If you are late for a meeting, you owe the team $5.” That money would go to charity or a company social event. I really liked that idea. I realize some people have reasons for being late, but it creates a negative vibe if people stroll into meetings late. Here’s another idea to not just make people on time but to keep meetings on task. Have them standing up. I know some meetings are going to go long and you can’t do that, but I assure you standing up would lead to meetings getting to the point.

As their meeting started, I saw a sign that had all of their beliefs on the positive attitude attributes they wanted to show in front of clients. In many cases they would be at the client’s home going over their electrical needs:

* Smile * speak cheerfully * eye contact * compliment * listening * concern * give options * respect

Tom then shared the customer evaluation cards from the previous week. “The most important thing to most of our customers was employee attitude,” Tom said. “It says here Nick was very professional and very nice when he came to our house. I was most impressed with his attitude. I wish he could work for me!”

Tom McCormick leads his employees through a ten minute attitude training session early each Monday morning. On the day I was there they watched a few minutes of the DVD “Gaining and Maintaining a Mountain Mover Attitude.” They had a workbook where they took notes and then a discussion for about four minutes. “One of the things I am going to do this week is say at least three nice things a day and focus on laughing at myself more,” said one employee during that discussion.

Tom has two shelves of positive attitude books on his office shelf that employees can check out. He even has a Dewey decimal system for them. Tom also told me that whenever he goes to electrical conferences he always takes notes of what the motivational speaker says at each one. He then shares those notes during the Monday morning meeting. During the meeting I could see where his employees have such a good attitude as he told them he considered them an extension of his family.

After the meeting they showed me their fish. Tom has a program where if someone in the office sees someone helping someone else or going above and beyond, they make sure they are awarded a paper fish. The employees have a ’stringer’ to keep their fish and every so often they have a fishing derby. They bring in their fish and the one with the most gets a prize.

As their meeting started to wind down, they went over customer service again and the workers showed me the foot coverings they wear in the customer’s homes. “We leave the home cleaner than when we arrived,” said one, showing me the mini vacuum cleaner they take inside. I also learned that they wear uniforms that are dry cleaned before each day. “The workers seem to stand three inches taller when they put them on,” said Tom, talking about how their attitude is lifted upon wearing crisp clean uniforms each day. They also wear white collared shirts. “It goes back to the cowboy westerns,” said Tom. “Good guys wear white. Our studies show that customers are much more relaxed and positive when an electrician arrives wearing white.”

As we moved back into their garage area they showed me the Darts for Dollars board. If an employee meets a revenue goal for the week they get to throw a dart at a board that has a fifty dollar bill folded near the bulls eye. If they hit it, they keep it! They also have a prize wheel program with incentives. If a team member earns so many points from doing certain things, they get to have a spin. The prizes range from an apple or an orange to gift cards to $50.

In the company vehicles they showed me the positive attitude CD’s that were provided for electricians to listen to if they wanted to while driving to homes.  Tom then pulled out a coin from his pants pocket. “It reads ‘the future you live tomorrow is the future you build today,’” said Tom. “What I do, say and interpret today affects my and our future. Another thing I focus on is that I am accountable to a higher power, that being God, that being Christ. A friend of mine in business has a portrait in his office of an executive at a desk sitting across from Christ. It makes me realize that everything I do with a client, I am accountable to God.”

Tom told me they take the three legged stool approach. The legs of client, the team members (he doesn’t like to use the word employee) and the company need to be balanced. If any legs are shorter or longer than the other then it tumbles. “If a team member isn’t being treated fairly,” said Tom, “then everything is out of balance.”

McCormick has a policy of making happy calls to the customer 5 to 15 minutes after the technician has left the home to make sure everything went well. Tom personally calls customers 10 to 12 days after a visit. “We are trying to stay personalized in this day and age where people feel that touch is being lost,” said Tom.

Before leaving, I spoke with Donna. She runs the office. Extremely positive, she told me how she loves talking to customers on the phone. “I get to hear their special stories,” she said. “If they have had a bad day, I listen. That means a lot to them.”

The video I produced of their positive attitude workplace runs about seven minutes and I play it in the ‘How to Build a Positive Attitude and KEEP the Darn Thing!!’ seminar that I deliver
as well as “The Spirit of Customer Service.” Many organizations have taken ideas from it and put them to work at their place.

I encourage you to print out this newsletter and take one or more ideas from above and instill in your company, organization, educational institution or church.

Charlie Adams


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