Careers In The Tech Industry

“Tech” refers to a myriad of related practices and fields, including electronics, computer science, information technology, and numerous other areas. Technological innovation is the culmination of any new methods, techniques, and procedures employed in the creation of products or services, including scientific research, or in the achievement of specific goals, for instance the development of new transportation means. In recent years “techies” has become an expanding term encompassing a wide range of professions. The term is now commonly used in all kinds of informal conversations, as well as in formal business and academic circles.


The types of jobs available through technology are almost limitless, ranging from computer programming to marketing to manufacturing. Many careers begin with a degree in one of the many technical subjects taught at technical schools and colleges across the country. However, the range of tech jobs goes far beyond the traditional academic disciplines and includes several interesting areas that are not usually seen as academic fields, including:

o Culinary. If the extensive knowledge and skills required to design and produce top-notch meals are not quite within the scope of your studies, consider a job as a food technologist at a tech company or restaurant. You might start out as a line cook (not the glamorous type) and work your way up to supervising a whole kitchen staff and overseeing the creation of each dish. The position may require some hands-on training on cooking, but if you have a passion for food, chances are you’ll do just fine. If you’re interested in culinary arts, you can obtain a bachelors degree in either catering, baking, or restaurant management, among other programs. A culinary specialist position will allow you to apply your knowledge and passions to advancing the food industry.

o Software Engineer. Many tech companies look to hire talented software engineers who can use their technological knowledge to help the company create cutting-edge products. To be successful in a software position, it’s important to develop your communication and interpersonal skills, as well as your technical abilities. This position requires strong computer skills and the ability to communicate with a range of customers, from product designers to marketing managers to legal and accounting staffs.

o Computer Network Engineer. The network engineer is in charge of setting up networks and keeping them up-to-date. In today’s competitive markets, these positions require not only great computer skills, but also knowledge of how to integrate ethical computer software into business decision making. You may find work in research or even in a high-profile IT agency. However, networking is a more stable career path than many of the other tech careers, which means that networking for these positions usually means working for a year or longer in a tech company.

The above-mentioned career paths are just two of the options available to graduates looking to break into the tech sector. As was mentioned earlier, these positions are competitive, so be sure to prepare yourself for the interview process. Do your research and always ask what your prospective employer is looking for in an applicant. If you have some exceptional skills and natural talent, it could be a long-term career in the technology sector.