Why Travelling Can Be So Rewarding


Why Travelling Can Be So Rewarding

Travel is the moving movement of individuals between different, often remote geographical locations. Travel is done by car, bike, foot, plane, train, bus or other mode, with or without personal luggage, and is one-way or round trip travel. The two major types of travel are transportation by land and air. Transportation by air is faster and more convenient than transportation by sea or land. For example, a plane going from New York to Los Angeles will usually travel at least twice as long as a ship going from Portugal to Brazil.

When a person travels, there is always some form of interaction with another person or group. Traveling has several meanings depending on the travel medium chosen. When travelling by road, the travel route identifies the point where the travel takes place, whereas when travelling by rail, the travel means joining up with another train. When travelling by air, you are in essence travelling to another country, so the travel meaning is much more specific than when travelling by road.

When I was in high school, a friend who was in college would often make trips back and forth to his native India. We used to ask him what he was doing when he travelled, and he would tell us all sorts of stories about his travels. One day, we asked him why he travelled, and he told us that he wanted to understand travel, that he wanted to experience new cultures, to see what life was like for people in other parts of the world, and to get out of the usual routine he had become accustomed too. We didn’t always understand what he meant by ‘getting out of the routine,’ but we loved the idea that his aim was to become an explorer. We also liked the idea that getting out of our comfort zone and travelling was an adventure.

When I think about why people travel, I think about places that I have visited, both in the US and abroad. In the US, I have been to Washington D.C. a number of times, and each time I leave the country, I seem to take more time deciding where to go next. I think that this is because I can’t escape the reality of the political situation, and my visits seem to indicate that people travel to other countries in order to avoid the political situations they find elsewhere. Similarly, when I was in Italy, I seemed to spend almost as much time thinking about the places I wanted to visit as I did about the things I wanted to see. This again indicated that I couldn’t escape the reality of the cultural differences and the political situation.

For me, a travel destination is not just a place where I want to spend a single vacation. I have traveled to over one hundred and fifty countries across the globe, and there is always a part of me that wants to discover a new culture or overcome a lifelong disability. When I am able to combine my travels with a reading, writing, and social interaction course, it seems that my journey is not complete. When I have completed these three elements in the same time frame, that same combination allows me the freedom to travel once again, perhaps to another country where one more language is spoken, or to explore a region that has fascinated me for many years.

Perhaps one reason we travel so often is to experience new places. For me, travelling to another country allows me to meet new people, smell new scents, and to taste new foods. Perhaps you are looking forward to visiting a new place because you want to let us travel once, or maybe you are travelling because you believe that letting us travel once will let us experience many different places. Whatever your reason may be, the fact remains that travelling is a fantastic way to let us discover new cultures, meet new people, and let us experience many different places.