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How you Respond when you are Run Over by a Truck!

Charlie Adams and Jim Fox

Charlie Adams with Jim Fox

We have all heard the expression, "Live each day like it will be your last." People sometimes say, "You never know, you might go out and get run over by a bus!" Jim Fox knows what that is all about! Well, he wasn't run over by a bus, but by a truck!


Jim volunteers at the beautiful Morris Performing Arts Center in downtown South Bend, which is near where I live. He loves volunteering there. On a cold February night he was leaving the Morris. Someone said, "Watch it, Jim. It's slippery out there." It turns out, ice was the least of his worries.


Jim was crossing the street. The stop light was red, so there was supposed to be no traffic coming his way. Suddenly, he heard someone yell, "TRUCK!!!!"


His only thought: "Oh, I'm dead."


"I never felt a thing," Jim told me. "Witnesses on the street said the big pickup truck hit me and I was on the hood and rolled off. I landed on my left shoulder and my head. As I say there in the street, I said, 'Don't hit me.' Other cars were coming from both directions. Two cars pulled up and immediately angled themselves to block all other traffic so I would be safe. It was amazing. A beauty parlor lady from Niles, Michigan was one of them. She put her scarf under my head. My injuries included my right pelvic bone broken in three places and shoulder and head injuries."


A sense of humor has always helped Jim. "In the hospital, I looked up at the Doc and said, 'Can I still go to Ireland on an upcoming trip?' He smiled and said that they would patch me up and I could go! I was in the hospital for 20 days and was in therapy for 3 months before I could drive. I did go on the Ireland trip that year and loved it."


The driver who ran over Jim in the Truck took off and still has not be arrested. I asked Jim what he took away from the accident.


"You have to roll with the punches in life," Jim said. This is a man who literally rolled off the hood of a Truck. "I mean, what are you going to do?" he added. " Working out regularly really helped me. I started working out five years ago at age 73. I work out three times a week in the gym. I'm telling you, having worked out in the gym really helped because I was in good shape when I got hit."


Having that sense of humor constantly helps Jim too. "I joke now that when I leave the the place where I volunteer that I am going to need two women to walk on each side of me until I get to my car," said Jim.


Jim soaks up every day with a great attitude. The saying goes: "Live each day like it will be your last because one day it will be." Jim Fox makes the most out of every precious day!


Want to get the kind of attitude Jim has in life? Bring in the popular keynote or seminar "How to Build a Positive Attitude and KEEP the Darn Thing!


- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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