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" On March 31, 2015 Charlie delivered his historic presentation to our 500+ and students on 

'Mystical Lake Placid and the Miracle on Ice' Story.  Our students were fascinated by the true 

stories and the life lessons that Charlie shared with a very entertaining, research-based, 

motivational experience on the hockey team that won the Olympic gold in 1980. Though I was concerned about whether or not our teenagers would be engaged with this type of educational convocation (about a piece of history that occurred prior to their birth), I did not see one student 

who was inattentive during the entire 50-minute presentation. The students seemed to be very appreciative of Charlie’s passion for the topic. "

Bruce Jennings

Bremen High School Principal

When the Disney movie Miracle came out in 2004, a whole new generation was introduced to the amazing story of the Miracle on Ice and the 1980 US Olympic hockey team that galvanized America.

Yet, there are many young people that do not know anything about their story or that of Lake Placid, the only place in America to host two Olympic Winter Games. Charlie Adams is on a mission to inspire young people with their stories, which are filled with history, overcoming adversity, dreaming big dreams and working hard to reach them.

Charlie has tailored a specific presentation for students and staffs of high school and middle schools that is guarenteed to rivet those in attendance.

This is not a 'hockey talk' but a program on how a group of young men from mainly small towns and families of humble means, brought a nation back together again with their historic 1980 run in America. These men were average age 21, not that much older than your students. They had grown up excelling academically, working for hours on their skating skills, and believing they could overcome anything. These players were not Adonis. Several were 5'7 or 5'8. What they did was not a miracle, but earned, and your students will come away knowing they whether it is music, drama, math or sports, they too can reach their dreams IF they pour their heart into it like the 1980 boys.

While much of this program is on the Miracle on Ice, students are captivated by the legendary stories of Lake Placid. Stories like how the man that created the Dewey Decimal System also created Lake Placid, America's first winter resort. Stories like how this little village of 2800 has produced a Winter Olympian in every Games since 1924! Stories like how Billy Fiske piloted the 1932 US bobsled team to gold in Lake Placid, and later became the first America to die in WWII as he joined the Royal Air Force in 1940. Stories like how singer Kate Smith overcame being teased and bullied for her size to become the first to record God Bless America.

This program is steeped in inspirational history and the stuff of what made America great! Delivered in fast paced and an energetic manner, Charlie reaches for the hearts of the students, and they come away believing they CAN do it!

Charlie Adams Getting Ready
Charlie Adams gets ready to speak to all teachers and staff of the Buchanan Schools to wrap up their Planning Day

Charlie Adams motivates students
Charlie Adams delivers the opening and closing keynotes at the Alabama Students Against Destructive Decisions Conference in Birmingham, AL

Charlie Adams before testing
Charlie Adams speaking to Kalamazoo, MI students before Testing
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