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Inspiration to live a full life!

"Chronological age is only an approximate indicator of functional age." -- Marv Levy, former Buffalo Bills Coach (and General Manager when he was 80 years old!)
I grew up watching my grandfather live to be 101. He stayed active the whole way, working his garden way into his late 90's. I'll have more later in this newsletter on how he reached 101.
Ed Friend was a longtime friend of mine. The former Police Officer, who passed away Thursday, was also an inspirational speaker and writer. Ed bubbled over with positive attitude and a zest for life. Several years ago he spoke at my Church. We all left with our fires stoked by his never ending belief that age is just a number.
Ed used to write an inspirational column for the South Bend Tribune. I wanted to share part of one of his,as it inspired the heck out of me:
Inspiration from Ed Friend 
Gladys Sheneman has a love affair ... a love affair with life!

She just turned 95 this past July and is on the go all the time. Gladys is the den mother of momentum. Age is a numerical equation for accomplishment or despair. Retirement is a word that should never have been invented or pursued. I have known people at age 35 so bored with life that they had one foot in the grave counting the hours, days, months and years until they could retire. I have known other folks who had no plans to leave their jobs, ever.

When her husband Claude died, Gladys started volunteering her services and friendship to many people in need. Some were homebound while others were in nursing homes. She visited people and prayed with them. She felt she was called by God to share her good life and happy spirit. She developed a band several years ago. She plays piano and her colleagues accompany her on quaint instruments such as the washboard, gut bucket and other novel tunemakers. The band plays at the North Liberty American Legion Post the first Friday of each month at lunch time.

Gladys has been president of Retired Neighbors and Friends for 17 years. The group meets at Pine Creek Church the second Tuesday of each month and about 150 achievers gather each month for lunch. Her band plays there, too. She has told them when they see her start "losing her marbles, tell her" but they haven't told her yet. So, she retains the presidency.

Gladys still drives a car. She plants, tills and weeds her own garden, camps with family and friends, never plans a schedule (likes a spontaneous life), visits many people and gives her long life's credit to living right, eating right and doing right. Her faith in God is credited for her good health. She recently walked a mile-and-half trail at Potato Creek "just like when I was a girl" she told me. Her wish: When the Lord calls her home, she wants to be in her own home, no hospital!

by Ed Friend 
Thank you, Ed. I mentioned earlier in this newsletter about my grandfather living to be 101. His grandson, Bill Hubbard, hit his longevity right on the head with this statement:
"You don't get to that age without letting an awful lot of life's problems run off like water on a duck's back. Sure, when things don't go like you would have them go, it makes you wonder how you could've made it different, but you don't let anything consume you and forever take away what good there is in life" 



- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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