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On Fire to get 'The Vein' in your Life!

It is important to always challenge ourselves and to stretch our limits. One of my goals as I approach my 50th birthday (oh, my, the big 5 0 !!) in July of 2012 is to be in the best shape of my life! One reason I am doing it is I understand how importance Wellness is for companies and organizations of all kinds. It will be a major point of emphasis for organizations from here on out. As a motivational speaker and former Television Anchor and Positive News Reporter, I can help to motivate and inspire people to take their fitness to another level.


Here is an excerpt from a recent Chicago Tribune story on the importance of workplace wellness in 2012:


"Workplace wellness is not a passing trend or a human resources platitude. When implemented correctly, wellness programs are an incredibly effective tool for managing costs. For every $1 spent on wellness measures, evidence shows medical expenses fall by more than $3. The benefits don't stop there. Studies show workplace wellness programs also reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and build morale and company loyalty." – Jerry Roper, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce


Part of my motivation to be in top shape in 2012 comes from remarkable trainer Cindy Wagner and her quest for 'the vein.'.


Cindy has shown me many weight lifting and exercise routines that have made a major impact on my fitness. She is a former Pro beach volleyball player, equestrian polo player/trainer, and is a latin ballroom dancing competitor. She has 18 years experience as a NASM, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.


One day I was lifting weights in the I Can Excel (I.C.E.) Athletic Center, which is where I work out and take various exercise classes. Close to me as I was lifting some weights one day were these two big, muscular guys with their chests all puffed. They seemed to be in their late twenties. We all looked up on the TV that was above us as the local NBC affiliate was airing a taped segment where a TV Host was interviewing Cindy about fitness. The two strappin' guys watched it for a minute, and then I overheard their conversation:


STRONG GUY ONE: "Hey, that's the chick that is a trainer here!"


STRONG GUY TWO: "Yeah, she is in shape, and she has got to be like 40 or something!"


STRONG GUY ONE: "I know, dude. You know …. that chick…she has got a vein!!"


STRONG GUY TWO: "That is the ultimate, man! A chick with a vein!"


I chuckled to myself as, for one, I had not heard someone called a 'chick' in forever and, two, there is a motivational lesson in 'the vein.' Those two serious lifters were so sincere in their admiration that Cindy had worked out so hard over the years that a vein clearly showed on her muscular and toned arms. Whether you are into serious fitness or not, we all should have a goal out there like 'the vein.' One thing I have learned about Cindy is she has 'the fire within' and is passionate about helping others in fitness. Cindy truly believes she has been put on this earth to help people which led her to personal training.


"I love changing peoples' lives, not just physically but mentally as well," she told me.


That is her fire! The 'Stoke' messages are about the importance of individuals and organizations finding their fire, and keeping it stoked with a constant pursuit of excellence!


One day after a training session, I sat down with Cindy in the lobby of I.C.E. and ask her to share a little of her story:


"Charlie, it all started in High School when I saw Rachel McLish (female bodybuilding champion). I wanted that toned physique with muscle. She had a vein in her arm that I could see, and I thought that was so cool. It motivated me! I started working out and reading on how to achieve muscle and got to where I was in the gym six days a week for three hours a day. Others were going out. I would be in the gym. People knew that I had a goal to have that vein. Then, in college, there was a contest one time where whoever came back from summer break in the fittest shape would win $500. I said 'I'm winning it!' I trained all summer long and won the prize.'"


Cindy kept training, developed strong nutrition habits, and eventually got 'the vein.'


"At my 20 year High School reunion my friends were saying, 'You got your vein!'"


Getting 'a vein' in life is not easy. So many people want to take shortcuts, or not realize that anything worthwhile will take work, dedication, and sacrifice.


"Charlie, people have to understand you have to sacrifice for a length of time. Everyone wants it in an instant, like a pill."


If you would like to learn more from Cindy about Wellness, she can be reached at


- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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