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A Red Hot Example of the Power of Short Term Goals!

Here is a story that had a major impact on me in regards to Short Term Goal Setting!


nick missosNick Missos

When it comes to determination, Nick Missos provides a tremendous example. I first became aware of him when I read a story on him in the South Bend Tribune by Al Lesar. Nick wanted to wrestle in high school at Warsaw Community High School, but he had two things going against him. He was legally blind and he was weak. But, he made a commitment to wrestle, and he was determined to make it.


Like so many things in life, it was rough at first. That’s why you have to have the commitment to stick it through. It is vital! Nick would be the first to tell you he was pitiful at first. Being legally blind, he was having a hard time seeing his opponents, and he didn’t have much strength. The match would start and, woom, he would find himself flat on his back with his legs flailing as his opponent pinned him. This usually happened seconds into the match. That’s when the power of Short Term Goals came in. Nick and his coach, Tony Boley, started setting short term goals.

  • Make it a minute before getting pinned.
  • Make it two minutes before getting pinned.
  • Make it a whole match without getting pinned.

I think those are the coolest Short Term Goals I have ever heard of! Too often people set vague goals. Nick was setting realistic short term goals, and slowly but surely the committed, determined young man started reaching them. He never won a match that 9th grade year, but he didn’t quit, and he got to where he was avoiding being pinned. Midway through his 10th grade year he won a match! He helped his team advance fairly far into the State Tournament. He was a peak performer, getting the most out of his God given abilities. Nick is now a student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.


I shared his story when I delivered a seminar at a Medical Office Manager’s Conference. I got this note later from one of the women in attendance:

“I loved the story of the legally blind wrestler and his short term goals. I’ve been thinking of quitting smoking and I can use your goals example. I am not going to set a goal to quit smoking. Instead, I am going to set a goal not to smoke for one day. Then two days. Then a week. A month, and so on. I think I can meet the long term goal to quit smoking easier using this plan.”

“Just Where do I Stand with the Goals in my Life” is a seminar I deliver on-site to organizations. The person or organization without specific goals and a vision is like a game bird hunter who goes out in the field and shoots a shotgun hoping a game bird flies into the shot pattern. You can read more about that particular seminar in the Programs area of this site.


- Charlie Adams, Motivational Speaker
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