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There are SO Many Inspirational Stories Out There

I believe speeches can be very motivating. When I saw the Basketball Hall of Fame was going to have its induction ceremonies, I blocked out 2 hours one evening to hear the inductees share their stories in the televised ceremony. There were several people I didn't know much about, but I knew I would gain inspiration from their life stories.

The only woman inducted was Cathy Rush. I had never heard of her. As the coach at little Immaculata University for seven seasons, Rush's teams won almost all of their games.

I was so inspired by her story! In the early days Immaculata had just 400 students. They had no basketball gym. It had burned down. They had no home court. They played all road games. The players had to catch rides to those games. In 1972 Cathy coached them to their first national tournament. She had 11 players. She had to tell 3 they didn't have enough money to take them to the tournament. With the players she could take, they flew standby to Chicago. They had no money to take any assistant coaches or a trainer. Because they had no trainer, when a player got hurt in the national tournament games, coach Rush looked down at the player and said, "Get up. You're not hurt."

I think when we hear stories like the humble beginnings of Immaculata Basketball, we are inspired to carry on against our current big challenges.

Later, the passionate Dick Vitale gave his acceptance speech. He is known for his enthuasiastic color commentary on ESPN college basketball games.

He shared a formula for success that I thought made a lot of sense:

Passion plus Work Ethic plus Good Decision Making.

Vitale walks the walk when talking about that formula. Talk about passion! I once introduced him at a speaking engagement. He was so passionate in his Talk that sweat started dripping off the back his bald head onto my notes as I sat by the podium! Drip. Drip. A puddle of passion formed on my notes.

If you want inspiration about moving up in the ranks, listen to this! Vitale shared the story of George Bodenheimer. George started out in the mailroom when he joined ESPN. One of his jobs was to pick Vitale up at the airport when Vitale flew in to do Studio Commentary at ESPN. George was a driver . . . . . .that was very driven to advance in the company.

That was in the early 1980's.
These are George's titles today:

  • Co-Chairman of Disney Media Networks
  • President, ESPN and ABC Sports
  • Chairman, ESPN Board of Directors

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